Below are the winners for this giveaway. Sorry for the delay; there are so many good ones that makes it so hard to pick out the winners. Forgive me if you didn’t win, next time then (Notes Plus just passed 200K milestones – will do something very soon).

For the winners, just email me with your shipping address to claim the prize. I’ll pay the shipping cost, of course.

… the winner of the Grand Prize is:

… and the winners of the 20 Appreciation Prizes are:

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To all my beloved users,

Today Notes Plus celebrates 100K download milestones – yeah!!!. Besides having a sale this weekend for prospective users, who heard good things about Notes Plus but couldn’t afford it, I want to give something back to my current users, who have been giving me valuable feedbacks and suggestions (feature requests) since day one of Notes Plus. There have been thousands of users who personally contacted me and left comments on this site. I wanted to give a physical gift to each of you but I can’t so I’m organizing a little contest, just like the last Give Away.

I’ll be having the same Piel Frama Luxury iPad Cinema Case for the grand prize. I still think that it’s a luxury item that you would think twice before buying for yourself (I don’t even have one for myself); that’s why it should be a gift. Please feel free to recommend another luxury item if you feel differently. I just thought since it worked last time, I should keep it this time (I still keep my wife around after all these years :-)).

Piel Frama iPad Cinema Case

Piel Frama Luxury iPad Cinema Case

Different from last time, I’ll be having 20 Boxwave styli for 20 appreciation prizes. These are top of the line Boxwave styli, the Capacitive iPad Styra. You can use them as a normal pen or as an iPad stylus; available in black or white; pick a color  of your choice if you win. They are wonderful, trust me.

BoxWave Capacitive iPad Styra Stylus

And here is the contest: I was inspired by this very simple review of Notes Plus in the App Store recently:

I’ve been inspired by lots of things but this very simple review told me that I really should do something about it.

Why don’t you think of a very short (single words preferable) and sweet review and put them in the Apple’s App Store by March 15, 2011 and I will select the 21 winners out of those reviews. Simple enough, right?

Again, I couldn’t say this often enough, thank you guys (and gals) for considering Notes Plus. You all gave me a something that I could never imagine possible: freedom to do what I love.

Your truly,

Viet Tran

Feb 17, 2011


This just came in and I really appreciate the creativity. I’ve never thought this could be fun, just like poetry.

And these really look like poems (I don’t understand much about poem :-():


This just came in from UK, very creative:

Another one from New Zealand – love the creativity:

I will post the list of all contenders later.