Two people already claimed the prizes: Rtfguhg and Techtoomuch. Come on winners, where are you?

I will have another giveaway contest right after this. Check in often.

OK, it’s about time to announce the winners of this contest. Thank you very much for participating in the giveaway contest and sorry if I couldn’t make everybody a winner. However, you did contribute in making the Apple’s App Store better; that counts, right?

First of all, I want to give 6 special prizes which I didn’t plan at the beginning of this contest. The winners of these prizes are those I consider friends. These people probably didn’t mean to enter the contest. However, they just keep coming back to give me feedbacks, suggestions, directions, and guidance for the app and I really appreciate it. I just want to thank you for their enthusiasm about the product. Each of these prizes is one best-in-the-market (in my opinion) stylus, the Boxwave, available in 4 colors (refer to Amazon). If you previously had a Pogo stylus like I did, this Boxwave will completely change your perception about capacitive stylus.

Boxwave Capacitive iPad Stylus

… and these prizes go to: mbeattie74, JAMES HAAKE, Rftguhg, LibrarianInIowa, Techtoomuch, hoosJim.

Now for the grand prize of the contest, I want to recognize someone who pointed out the uniqueness of Notes Plus – its UI Design. Without it, Notes Plus is just another note taking app. This unique UI design made users either love it or hate it with passion. I think people should know about this before buying the app. So, the grand prize goes to Ed Andrade!

Please email me your shipping address so I can ship the prizes to you.


… for the most helpful review in the Apple’s App Store by November 15th, 2010 or next release 2.1, whichever come first.

First, thank you very much for your support. I want to give something back. This is a gift that you would think twice before buying it for yourself. I know I would. Luxury stuff, who needs it, right? However, that’s what gifts are all about. We can’t afford buying them for ourselves but we can definitely buy them for others.

If you’ve been researching, you probably knew that the ¬†Spanish handmade leather Piel Frama luxury iPad cases are the best you can get. The Cinema case is the best of Piel Frama’s. Also, the Boxwave Styra Stylus is the best in many Notes Plus’s users opinions. There you have it, it’s my gift to you for a very little effort.

Piel Frama iPad Cinema Case

Piel Frama Luxury iPad Cinema Case

Boxwave Capacitive iPad Styra Stylus

What you have to do

Give a very detailed and helpful review in the Apple’s App Store before my next release 2.1 or November 15th, 2010, whichever come first. Remember, helpful reviews are not necessarily positive reviews. It’s a detailed review that paints a clear picture of the app: what’s good about it, what could make it better, who should buy it and who should not buy it, how does it compare to other apps, etc.. Think of prospective buyers who are trying to make a decision. How helpful is your review to them?

What I will do

By November 15th, 2010 or when my next release goes live, whichever comes first. I’ll look at all the reviews since today (from all countries) and announce the winner two days after. You have to give me a hint who you are and where you are so that I can send my gift to you.

This will apply for all countries, not just the US. Don’t worry, write in you own language, I’ll use Google translate. This can’t be exchanged for cash because I want you to have something to remember me.

I’ll post some sample helpful and un-helpful reviews later.

Your truly,

Viet Tran

Oct 27, 2010

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