Note: If you’re experiencing consistent crashes in v4.5.1, on launch or in the library, please try resetting the app to the default settings.

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  1. Alberto Parra
    Nov 27, 2014 @ 01:31:57

    I could not copy/move individual pages to other notebooks..I followed the instructions on the User Manual, but copy/move icons are light outlined and not operative...just the Favorite icon is working...Ipad air user, last version IOS

    • Alberto Parra
      Nov 27, 2014 @ 01:55:05

      I found it...!...the notebook has to be in the original source folder, not in the favorite folder...

  2. Roberto De Renzi
    Nov 27, 2014 @ 00:46:19

    Hi, I experienced problems with Dropbox and Google Drive since upgrading to 4.5.1 (IOS 7.0.1)
    Initially I could not download from Dropbox. First of al I had to reconnect to the account. But still I could not see any file. I could access my files from D only after reconnecting to GD as well (sic!) Then I did download one file at last.

    Now I cannot export a pdf to either D or GD. I tried in any possible combination of paths, filename custom or default. I am afraid that also backup does not work (cannot see my new notebooks). The only export that works is page by page in png to Photos.

    Also, I experience frequent crashes with loss of last few minutes of work, but that is something standard since 4.0. NP used to be a nice stable app. It has deteriorated a bit in my experience. Still a very good app, but I hope these annoying problems are solved soon.

    Thanks a lot. Roberto
    • Toan Nguyen
      Nov 27, 2014 @ 02:54:58

      Hi Roberto,

      ​​I'm sorry about the issues. What's your iPad model? If you experience frequent crashes, it might help to turn off "Continuous Scrolling Mode" in Tools (top-right wrench icon) > App Settings. As regards the inability to export, can you restart your device, then swipe across the Dropbox and Google Drive entries in the Export Destination list and tap "Delete", then tap "Add a cloud account..." > Dropbox/Google Drive, reconnect to them and try exporting again?
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