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  1. droplive
    Jul 24, 2015 @ 16:37:05

    I've searched all over (both the app and the User Guide) for a place to change the default settings for a notebook but I'm finding anything.
    1. Is there a place to change the default page size for a notebook?
    2. Is there a way to change the font of the page title?
    3. Is there a place to change the default notebook name and/or page title to include a date ideally formatted to my preference (yyyymmdd)?
    • Duy Nguyen
      Jul 25, 2015 @ 08:14:55

      Hi Droplive,

      ​1. You can set default page size settings in these steps:

      - Open Library Navigation
      - Tap "Notebooks" and tap "Create new notebook"
      - In this dialog, scroll down a bit and adjust page size/margin to your own preferences.
      - Tap ✓ to create a new notebook. Going forward, Notes Plus will use these settings for new notebooks.

      ​2. There isn't a way to configure font of the page title. It's fixed style.
      ​3. I'm afraid the third point isn't supported. Kindly add date information manually to your own preferences.

      ​Let us know if you need more help!

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